CLASS PHOTOS will be taken on Tuesday, April 13th.  Each student will receive a complimentary photo.

Kindergarten Registration began on Monday, January 18th and we are still accepting registrations.

You can come into the school in person OR You can register on-line.

We have registration forms available on-line and we still welcome parents to come into our school observing the COVID protocols; please wear a mask and use hand sanitizer provided at the front door as you enter. 

The on-line registration forms are posted on the school website

Look for “registration forms and policies” under the “Office” tab.

Please note there are two versions of the registration form:  one for Kindergarten and one for all other grades.

Please refer to the “Registration Form Instructions” also posted under the “registration forms and policies” tab.

If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call the school office at 250-847-4464 and speak to one of the secretaries.