Safe Arrival  Parents are requested to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone the school if a child is going to be absent or late.  If you phone after hours or during busy times you may get the answering machine.  Please leave a message as we check it regularly.  In the event that your child is absent and we have not received a call or email, the secretary will telephone parents to confirm the whereabouts of the child.  We want to be sure all children are accounted for.

District Policy Consultation:

The Board of Education is currently requesting feedback from it’s stakeholders on the following draft policies:  Policy # 6.430 Video Surveillance and Policy # 1.400 – Trustee Orientation.  The consultation letter and draft policies can be found on the District’s website located at    

The current policy consultation period will run from May 5th, 2022 to June 9th, 2022 .                                                                                                                          

Strong Start  

Strong Start is in session at Walnut Park this year from 9:15 – 11:15 on Monday, Tues, Thursday & Friday.  A maximum of five families can attend at one time.  Please contact us on Facebook “Welcome to Walnut Park Strong Start” page leaving a message indicating the days you are interested in attending.  If you are unable to attend on any day that you’ve booked, please leave a message so we can fill that spot.

School District Calendar for School Year 2021-22 is posted under our newsletter tab.  A copy is posted on the School District website as well.